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It's more than that. I have a tendency to do too much, to fill up my days until there's barely any room to fill them anymore. (And a tendency to want to do things every day, if I do them at all.)

I can recognize good advice when I'm hit over the head with it. Multiple times. By multiple people. Including various health professionals and my therapist.

And, I mean, I can feel it, too. I'm stressed. And my arms are too tight. So.

I'm dropping all the languages I'll be able to pick back up pretty quickly even if I take an extended break. So that means I'll still be doing Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Turkish, and Japanese on Duolingo, and Latin vocab and Chinese off of it. I'll probably still read for five minutes a day in French, but I'm not sure what to do about the Latin translation. Translating Livy is actual mental work, and it does get tiring to do every day, especially if that day is busy. I've been thinking about it and I think the thing to do is to do more translation but on fewer days: Tuesday and Thursday, probably, since that was how my Latin class was and that's how I got this far to begin with.

I also need to split up my exercises. Apparently I can't do all of them every day, I'm just stressed out my muscles and that's no good. Putting the division here so I remember:

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Well. Now maybe I'll be able to finish my book.
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Goodness, I'm tired.

It's not anything to worry about, I've just been fairly busy lately--well, relatively speaking. Talking to friends, and I'm thinking about--well, never mind. But it's something that could take up a lot of my energy. But it looks like it might be a lot of fun. And my languages in physio can take up more of the day than I really like, especially when I run into other things that need doing.

I worry a little bit my mom, sometimes. My dad and I, and sometimes even my sister, pretty much solve all her tech problems for her, and I can't help but think she'd no more if she can no she had people around who could help her. Though granted not as much more as dad and I know. And of course she's got a point about prioritization, and it's really not like we're going anywhere--well, I'm going to move out, of course, but hopefully not too far, and I'll always be available online and so forth. And she's a lot better than my grandpa.

New Japanese words I learned today:
どす です (thanks, lusentoj) - I think that's it, anyway; I'm having a kind of hard time with the Japanese input. desu, means something like I am, goes at the end of the sentence.
じん, or in kanji 人 - jin. It's funny, because in Mandarin it's pronounced rén (and the r can make a kind of an voiced sh sound), so they're kind of similar. Come to think of it guó and goku aren't too different either; I mean they both have a g at the beginning and then a u and an o, even if they're in a different order. I wonder if there's some sort of set of sound-change rules I could memorize, to help me remember how to pronounce kanji? One of my friends was studying linguistics, and when we were doing Latin he was able to do something kind of similar to help memorize the vocab.

Oh. And I think I should look for more icons, I want to be able to express more things than what I've got now.
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Full of wind and rain. (And wind.)

I'd love to be baking in this weather--making cookies, mmm--but of course I can't get the mixer out on my own, so I'll have to wait for another time. Maybe once Mom gets home, if she's not going to be cooking. In the meantime I'm reading Alternity.

Language update:
-the hiragana is giving me a bit of trouble, but I'll pick it up eventually (likewise the Russian alphabet). What really struck me, though, is the characters.

It's silly: I know that Japanese uses more less the same characters as Chinese; I know that even when they mean the same thing, they're pronounced differently. And yet when I looked at 中国, my brain responded to its Chinese training, and I had a very hard time with the notion that in Japanese it's not pronounced 'zhōngguó'. I'm not actually sure if it's helpful that it means the same thing. (It definitely didn't help that 国 is two syllables in Japanese!)

I suppose I'll get used to it eventually, learn to tell that kind of thing from context.

-the thing about Danish is it it's absolutely possible to get a sentence that includes the words 'and', 'et', and 'og' ('duck',
'a(n)', and 'and', respectively). Which wouldn't be a problem but I've learned my whole life to see two of those words as meaning 'and', and neither of them are the one that means 'and' in Danish :P

-it's funny: sometimes when I need to translate a word in a non Indo-European language, I look at the word and it feels like I have absolutely no idea. I just really feel like I've got no clue. But, I need to put something down--so I'll just put down whatever comes into my head. And most of the time that actually turns out to be the answer! It's funny, because obviously I don't consciously remember the word. More than that, I feel convinced I can't remember the word, and even after I've come up with it I don't recognize it as right! Andyet.

Mom's home. Hmmm. I think I'll make rice pudding instead.
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It was awesome! The Quebec national holiday and pride month together, pretty cool.

(The house always had a different flag up every time I go by, it's fun to look and see if I can guess what's up.)

So happy (belated) St. Jean Baptiste, everyone! And happy pride :)


Jun. 17th, 2017 09:45 pm
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 I am be-iconed! (As you can see, if you look at my icons page.) I still can't decide between the fox and the PoI icon for my default--I'll play around a bit, see how I feel. They're both beautiful.

I did end up taking one of the illuminated letters for poetry &c., but not one of the S's--a D, as it turns out (I mean, I think it's a D. I'm pretty sure?)

I think that's enough to be getting on with for now. We'll see how it goes from here!

Next steps

Jun. 16th, 2017 09:03 pm
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Next step was trying to find an icon, for the dual reasons that icons were exclaimed as one of the delights and joys of Dreamwidth (esp in comparison to tumblr) and that looking around communities and posts and so forth icons seem pretty important to Dreamwidth culture.

Even just trying to find two, this is harder than I expected--a combination of choice overload (holy shit, there's a lot of icons out there) and that my two favorite shows are little-iconed, and my favorite characters from those shows apparently not popular for iconing even within that limited subset. (Which isn't a complaint--people should do what they like!)

Right now I'm thinking 41 here for default (though I was also tempted by the fox at 9 here), and one of these illustrated letters for poetry etc.--maybe one of the S's? We'll see.
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So I decided to try out Dreamwidth, because there's been kind of a revival on Tumblr and also... To be honest I'm looking forward to trying something that's a little more slow-paced than Tumblr, which always makes me feel a little overwhelmed (at the ripe old age of twenty-three, ha).

I guess we'll see how it goes!

First step: poke at themes.


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